Posted by: seoaslogtech | September 11, 2012

Search Engine Marketing make your website more visible

In our society creating a website has become extremely easy and many individuals have become masters of this technique. They must remember that when they construct their site it is of high quality and attracts many customers. This could be a little difficult at first but once you learn to do search engine marketing then it will become a lot easier. SEO marketing techniques play an essential role in attracting traffic and help to increase profits for your business.

The acronym stands for Search Engine Marketing which is an umbrella term that refers to the different methods that can be utilized to make your website more noticeable. The objective lies in generating more traffic to your website. SEM blends organic (free) search engine optimization (SEO) with paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to increase exposure for your website. SEM invokes combined methods of marketing through the use of SEO, think Google AdWords. It is an effective method of targeted marketing although not as effective as organic SEO.

The cost of hiring a search engine marketing firm varies depending on the pricing model. Some SEO firms will charge the consulting service based on hourly rate. If the SEO consultant is experienced, he will charge $100 – $200 per hour. You will be charged around $50 per hour if the SEO consultant is amateur. Some SEO firms will charge more than $1000 per hour. It is best that you don’t hire this type of SEO firm as it is too costly.

SEO companies can also bill clients based on the total cost of the project. Normally, you have to provide details about the project through the quote request form. The SEO company will review the site and perform a thorough keyword analysis. After that, the SEO expert will create a search engine marketing plan designed to improve the ranking of your website.


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